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  • My funeral wishes

    Download your FREE Funeral Wishes form

    Spare your family from making difficult decisions.
    Download your free funeral wishes document.

    Simply download, print, fill in and store your funeral wishes document

    About the Funeral provides a free My Funeral Wishes document where you can record what you would like to happen at your funeral. Setting out your wishes this way can help spare those you leave behind from making difficult decisions at an already upsetting time.

    Rather than completing your funeral wishes alone, why not gather those closest to you around the kitchen table and get each of them to complete their own funeral wishes. Once you get started you will realise that it is actually a really easy task to do.

    If you don't have a printer get in touch by calling 02920 099 200 or email us at We'd be pleased to send you a copy of the My Funeral Wishes document in the post.


    You may also want to consider paying for your funeral in advance. This gives you and your family the assurance that the funeral director’s fees, as well as perhaps some or all of the third-party cremation or burial costs, will be covered when the time comes

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