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  • My funeral wishWear something to my funeral
    in a colour that reminds you of me.

    Barbara W, Chelmsford
    My funeral wishI'd like 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra playing
    on the hearse radio on my way to the crem.

    John D, Caerphilly
    My funeral wishDonations please to
    The British Heart Foundation.

    Katie W, Shrewsbury
    My funeral wishNo need to wear black -
    just wear something comfortable.

    Simon W, Shropshire

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    Compare funeral directors

    The aftermath of a death is always a difficult time, but more so if you’re charged with arranging a funeral. You may be like the majority who don’t know what to do first once someone has died.

    Planning a funeral can seem overwhelming, so it’s essential to take your time and decide what’s important to you before instructing a funeral director.

    Finding a funeral director

    Most people will instruct the first funeral director they contact, simply because they don’t have the time to visit several. Comparing funeral directors online is the easier way to compare costs accurately and other aspects of their services quickly.

    You may still wish to visit or talk to more than one by phone, but comparing funeral directors online at the outset will help you make a more informed choice.

    Any funeral director you speak to should ask detailed questions about the deceased and what arrangements you would like, but it’s also important for you to ask them questions. Write down a list in advance, and ask someone to come with you for moral support.

    Compare funeral directors

    Finding a funeral director is easy but if you simply pick the first one you come across you’re leaving a lot to chance. Recommendations by a family member, friend or faith leader may be useful, but comparing funeral directors online and, in particular, reading reviews by their previous customers is a better way to build up a bigger and more reliable picture of funeral directors in your area.

    Things to consider when comparing funeral directors

    There are a number of things to keep in mind when comparing funeral directors.

    Level and style of service

    Many funeral directors will offer different levels of service but all will promise to care for your loved one and treat them with the utmost dignity. The level and standard of service you are offered will vary, so it’s important to read reviews of funeral directors online and ask any questions you may have. Talk with friends and family about their experience of funerals to help you draw up a list of the questions.

    Consider using a funeral director that belongs to one or both of the two UK funeral trade associations – the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and Society of Allied and independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). Members of these groups must follow codes of practice. They also promise to investigate complaints made about their members.

    Cost and budget

    As with any other service, the level of service offered will vary depending on cost. Funeral directors operate as a business, and charge a fee for their service on top of the cost of the cremation or burial itself.

    About the Funeral gives you a full breakdown of the funeral director’s costs. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask about the different charges made by funeral directors. Good funeral directors will be up-front and transparent about their pricing and wiill be happy to answer your questions.


    Many people assume that they have to opt for a funeral director in their immediate area, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The funeral director you want may be a little further away and charge a little more to travel out of their usual area of business, but the extra cost may be worth it if it means you get the service you want.

    Independent versus chain

    Some funeral directs are small family run independent businesses. Others are part of large chains. Both may claim certain advantages. In reality, the type of organisation you instruct should play little or no part in your decision. Find the funeral director that is most able to meet your requirements regardless of organisational structure.

    The role of a funeral director

    The role of a funeral director is wide ranging and varies on a case-by-case basis, depending on how involved family members wish to be in arranging the funeral.

    A funeral director’s role begins as soon as you instruct them, and includes caring for the deceased person, offering support and guidance and the practical planning of the funeral.

    Your funeral director’s role depends entirely on you – they will do or not do what you ask of them and you will only pay for the services you want them to provide. If you want them to wear pink wellies to a woodland burial, the deceased’s football colours, or dress up in a themed costume, all you need do is ask.

    If you would rather plan some aspects of the funeral yourself that’s up to you, or if you prefer to not instruct for some services then they should respect your choices.

    Funeral director services

    Once you have found a funeral director suited to your needs, there are various services they can provide.

    Before the funeral

    A funeral director will ask you questions about the deceased and your wishes. They will normally bring the deceased into their care in the days before the funeral, but may ask you where you would like the deceased to rest, which can be either at the funeral home or in a private residence.

    A funeral director will also ask whether you and other family members wish to see the deceased, and how you would like them to be dressed.

    A funeral director should make themselves available day and night, and will endeavor to help at any time in the run up to the funeral.

    When it comes to choosing arrangements for a funeral, a funeral director is there to offer their expertise, advice and support. If you are unsure or confused about anything, they should be able to direct you and help you reach the right choice.

    A funeral director will make any arrangements you request and will leave you to organise anything yourself if you would prefer – they are as involved as you want them to be.

    Funeral directors will deal with all paperwork and can place death and funeral notices in newspapers if you wish.

    They can supply and advise on a coffin, cars and order of service, or they may allow them to be supplied by you.

    During the funeral

    Typically a funeral director will orchestrate and host the funeral day. They can greet guests, arrange music and tributes and plan vehicles and catering.

    After the funeral

    A funeral director can help you arrange burial or scattering of ashes, and can accept donations on behalf of the deceased for the charity of your choice.

    Arranging a funeral without a funeral director

    It is possible to arrange a funeral without a funeral director. This will reduce the cost of the funeral as you won’t need to pay fees to the director. Make sure you or a family member or friend do research and speak to your local council, who can help you arrange a burial or cremation.