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    It’s about helping you
    compare prepaid plans

    When our time comes, we want to leave our families with great memories not financial worries.

    That’s the benefit of a prepaid funeral plan, you arrange it and pay for it up-front at today’s prices, with all your funeral wishes written down. Put your end of life plans in place now, and get on with enjoying the rest of it.

    Compare funeral plans

    With so many funeral plan providers, variations of prepaid funeral plans and payment options on the market today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choice available.

    Whilst all prepaid funeral plans cover the funeral director’s professional costs, not every plan pays all or some of the third party fees for burial, cremation and - where applicable - doctors’, clergy or officiate’s fees. This means that there may be more to pay by those you leave behind at the time of the funeral.

    There are other differences in plan type too, such as the quality of coffin, the number of mourners' cars, whether there is a choice of funeral date and time, and so on. Additional administration fees may be payable at a later date if you change address. The simplified comparison table below shows an example of the range of funeral plan types available from leading Funeral Planning Authority registered plan providers.

    How we can help you today

    About the Funeral can help you by giving free, independent and unbiased comparison information beyond a simple overview of what each plan includes, making comparing and purchasing the right prepaid funeral plan an easier task.

    Speak with one of our helpful advisors today on 02920 099 230 or request a call back for a no obligation quote. We guarantee to listen to your needs before talking you through the merits of your plan and secure payment options so that you can make an informed choice as to the best plan for you.

    All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes and to comply with our regulatory requirements.

    Request a free call back to compare funeral plans

    Call me back
    Call us on 02920 099 230 and let us help you compare Basic Basic Plus Simple Standard Premium Tailored
    With funeral service** Any
    Coffin Basic Basic Basic Basic Simple Standard Premium Any
    Hearse Suitable vehicle
    Limousine(s) 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 Any
    3rd party fees*
    Age UK

    3rd party fees: Cremation guaranteed ***
    3rd party fees: £1,200 Burial Contribution

    from £2,895

    3rd party fees: £0 - £1,050 Contribution

    from £2,695

    3rd party fees: Cremation guaranteed ***
    3rd party fees: £1,100 Burial Contribution

    from £2,995
    Golden Charter

    3rd party fees: £0 - £940 Contribution

    from £1,950
    FROM50 Funeral Plans provided by Golden Leaves

    3rd party fees: £0 - £1,100 Contribution

    from £1,745
    Perfect Choice

    3rd party fees: £0 - £1,150 Contribution

    from £2,535
    * Third party fees are for services outside the funeral director’s control. These include cremation and burial fees, and where applicable, doctors’ fees (for cremation only), clergy or officiate’s fees. In 2016 the average national third party costs for cremation were £881 plus £164 for doctors’ fees, and £2,098 for burial.
    ** A lower cost dignified funeral service is available from some funeral directors where there is no funeral service and no mourners present. Sometimes called a No Service Funeral, Direct Transfer or Direct Cremation/Burial, the funeral will take place at a location and on a date and time that's suitable for the funeral director. Where the service is for a cremation, the ashes are returned to you.
    *** Excludes third party doctors’ fees at £164. Doctors’ fees are not applicable in Scotland, or in England, Wales and NI where the coroner is involved.

    All pricing in the table and above are correct as at March 2017

    How it works


    call: 02920 099 200

    Speak to one of our advisors about the type of funeral service you would like



    We will help you review and compare funeral plans from the leading plan providers



    Choose your preferred plan and payment method from a range of affordable options
    What is a prepaid funeral plan?

    The average cost of a simple funeral today including funeral director’s fees and third party costs for cremation or burial is £3,897*, compared with £1,920 in 2004. That’s a staggering rise of 103%. With funeral costs continuing to rise far faster than inflation, the bill could be much higher when the time comes.

    A prepaid funeral plan allows you to make the arrangements for a funeral in advance for yourself or someone else, and effectively fix and prepay the cost of the funeral at today’s prices. Acceptance is guaranteed. There are no medical questions or health checks.

    A funeral plan can keep the outlay predictable and manageable through the various payment choices available. These range from a single payment to instalment periods of between 1 and 30 years, or smaller fixed monthly payments up to age 90. You should be aware that if you go for the latter repayment option, you may end up paying more in to the plan than the plan is worth.

    Your plan money is used by the plan provider to buy either a whole of life insurance policy on the life of the planholder, or is placed in a trust which is managed independently from the plan provider. What this means for you is that your money is ring-fenced to provide financial security. It’s important to note that a pre-paid funeral plan is not an investment product.

    At the time of death, your funeral plan will cover the cost of the funeral director’s service as specified in the plan and depending on the plan you buy, will also pay for all, some, or none of the third party cremation or burial costs. If the third party funeral costs are not included in your plan or exceed the contribution amount, there may be an additional sum to pay at the time of need.

    Just one simple phone call to the chosen funeral director is all it takes to begin the funeral arrangement process.

    What does a funeral plan include?

    A funeral plan typically includes the following:

    Arranging and attending the funeral
    Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral, including registration of death
    Attending to all funeral arrangements, dealing with third parties (e.g. crematorium, cemetery, officiate) and completion of forms
    Attendance at the funeral by the funeral director and bearers
    Advice and guidance on bereavement support
    Bringing the deceased into care
    Bringing the deceased to the funeral director’s premises or other resting place
    Care and preparation of the deceased
    Care and preparation of the body prior to the funeral (excludes embalming)
    Visit to the chapel of rest or other service room
    Family viewing
    Fully fitted, suitable for burial or cremation
    Motor hearse
    Limousine(s) for mourners
    Other services and products that may be included
    Donations collected and forwarded on your behalf
    Listing of floral tributes
    Supply of attendance cards
    Supply of 'Thank you' cards
    Things to bear in mind when buying a prepaid funeral plan

    All prepaid funeral plans will cover the funeral director’s professional fees for carrying out the funeral, but not necessarily every aspect of the funeral - such as the third party cremation and burial costs. Here are some other important points to bear in mind.

    • Plans from the main providers have similar features and costs but may vary in detail, such as the type of coffin, visiting the deceased, and number of limousines. Before you take out a plan, you should think carefully about the funeral you want.
    • The cost of a grave is not included. You may want to think about buying this now so that you can get the plot you want and save your next of kin money in the long run.
    • For added reassurance check that any plan you consider is from a provider registered with the self-regulatory industry body, the Funeral Planning Authority.
    • Your choice of plan provider may affect your choice of funeral director. You need to be sure that whichever plan you choose, your plan pays for the funeral you want, where you want and - if it matters to you - with your funeral director of choice.
    Why buy a prepaid funeral plan?

    Knowing that whatever happens the financial arrangements will be taken care of, is one less thing for you and those you leave behind to worry about and means that more of any bequest you leave will go to them.

    Here are just some of the reasons why we believe you should consider buying a funeral plan.

    • You will have the reassurance of knowing that the cost of your funeral will be covered. The cost of a typical funeral plan today is comparable to the average cost of a funeral, but as funeral prices are certain to rise and the plan cost will be fixed, the right plan can potentially save your family money in the long run and your family will get the greatest possible financial benefit from whatever you leave behind in your estate.
    • Leaving the arrangements until after death may cause problems for your heirs. Even if you’re confident that the estate will cover the cost, there may be a delay of several weeks until funds become available. Your next of kin may have to meet some or all of the costs of the funeral in the meantime. It’s not unusual for funeral directors to ask for the third party cremation or burial costs (equating to 30 – 50% of the total cost of the funeral) to be paid in advance.
    • Planning your funeral in advance means you get to choose the details of your send-off, leaving fewer difficult decisions to be made by those close to you when you die.
    How safe is my money?

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate funeral plans covered by insurance or a trust arrangement, but it does have rules which means that sums paid are protected and available to pay for the funeral.

    In 2002 the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) set up as the self-regulatory body for the UK funeral planning industry, offering consumer protection beyond the basic investment rules set by the FCA. Registered providers co-operate in the delivery of the FPA’s Pledge to Customers in the unlikely event that a funeral plan company goes out of business.

    Not all funeral plan companies are registered with the FPA. In such cases it is advisable to check what protection schemes and complaints procedures are in place should something go wrong. About the Funeral only compares prepaid funeral plan providers who are registered with the FPA.

    Alternatives to a prepaid funeral plan

    A prepaid funeral plan isn’t the only way to pay for a funeral.

    Over 50s insurance plan
    You can take out an over 50s life insurance policy, which pays out a lump sum to your family on your death and can be used to pay for the cost of your funeral. It’s important to note that the pay out received by families does not increase with inflation, so you could pay more than you claim.

    Pay out of an estate
    Banks will release funds from an estate after they have been provided with a copy of the death certificate and an itemised bill from a funeral director.

    Talk to us

    About the Funeral is an ethical business committed to providing information you can trust. About the Funeral conforms with FPA Rules and Code of Practice where applicable, and the registered providers we work with have a responsibility to ensure that this is the case. The FPA checks that providers have processes in place to carry out checks and monitor our behaviour.

    • We do not preference any funeral plan provider based on their fee to us.
    • Information given is on a non-advisory basis and uses objective criteria.
    • We make every possible effort to check and validate the information provided to us by the funeral plan providers.
    • All the plans we compare are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority for added reassurance.

    About the Funeral can help you to choose the right plan for you, providing unbiased advice to help you make an informed decision.

    Call our friendly expert advisers today on 02920 099 200 for information on the options.

    * SunLife Cost of Dying report – 2016